Join the Lakeside Team. 

Kidsfest Nursery Coordinator

Lakeside Church is seeking a Kidsfest Coordinator to oversee our nursery (The Park) and walkers (The Meadow) room during our weekend gatherings. The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal skills, strong administrative skills, a warm welcome to parents and guests and love babies. This is a 15-hour per week position. Deadline to apply is April 18th. Please send resumes to hr@lakesidechurch.com.



We're looking for a part-time videographer. But, honestly a better title would be something like, "Purveyor of Stories." We need someone who can mine for stories, capture moments, and invent ways of telling stories with video. We need someone with a good eye and the ability to work within and/or help craft a good storyboard. We create our own content for gatherings, social media, movie theaters, and in-house communication. We capture public and social events to retell stories with a compelling narrative voice and perspective. We tell all kinds of stories with video—provocative, engaging, helpful, useful, funny, serious, and everything in-between. We need someone proficient with capturing, editing, and doing post-production for good video and audio. If you want to make the kind of content that makes people laugh and cry--sometimes all at once--this may be a good fit for you. Please send resumes to hr@lakesidechurch.com.

Kidsfest Children’s Ministry Protégé

As a Protégé in the area of Kidsfest Children’s Ministry, you will work closely with the Director of Kidsfest, and the Coordinators of each area divided by age group. There will be opportunities to learn from veteran leaders who have the gift of mentoring in real life ministry situations. Mentors and Proteges will work together to set goals that are in line with their gifts, passions and experience.

This is a paid part-time position which will require a minimum 20 hour/week commitment. The hands on experience will equip proteges to learn every aspect of children’s ministry. We are looking for someone who has a heart for kids, a passion for ministry and desire to gain experience in assisting and leading Lakeside’s weekend ministry. This includes a variety of age groups from Nursery to 5th grade, our Special Needs Classrooms, and help planning and leading events while learning about the behind the scenes work that makes a children ministry successful. Please send resumes to hr@lakesidechurch.com or to apply in person, pick up an application at the church office.