Join the Lakeside Team. 

Kidsfest Nursery Coordinator

Lakeside Church is seeking a Kidsfest Coordinator to oversee our nursery (The Park) and walkers (The Meadow) room during our weekend gatherings. The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal skills, strong administrative skills, a warm welcome to parents and guests and love babies. This is a 15-hour per week position. Deadline to apply is April 18th. Please send resumes to hr@lakesidechurch.com.



We're looking for a part-time videographer. But, honestly a better title would be something like, "Purveyor of Stories." We need someone who can mine for stories, capture moments, and invent ways of telling stories with video. We need someone with a good eye and the ability to work within and/or help craft a good storyboard. We create our own content for gatherings, social media, movie theaters, and in-house communication. We capture public and social events to retell stories with a compelling narrative voice and perspective. We tell all kinds of stories with video—provocative, engaging, helpful, useful, funny, serious, and everything in-between. We need someone proficient with capturing, editing, and doing post-production for good video and audio. If you want to make the kind of content that makes people laugh and cry--sometimes all at once--this may be a good fit for you. Please send resumes to hr@lakesidechurch.com.


Pastor of Adult & Women's Ministries

The Pastor of Adult & Women's Ministries’ primary role is to help develop and lead Lakeside’s vision and strategy for the formation of “The Well-Crafted Life” (how we refer to Discipleship) in as many people as possible. This includes overall responsibility for leading Lakeside’s efforts toward growth in “The 5 Crafts” (Scripture, Prayer, Connection, Generosity and Service). While all ministry departments and staff will participate and even lead areas of The Well-Crafted Life, the Pastor of Adult Ministries will champion these like no other person at Lakeside.

What We Are Searching For / Qualifications:
The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Pastor of Adult & Women’s Ministries:

Education: An undergraduate degree is required, while a seminary or graduate degree in a relevant field would be desirable.

Experience: You must have exceptional leadership and communication skills, speaking from the front, ample experience developing and leading teams, a leader of leaders, ability to adapt to a constantly evolving environment, and a desire to pursue an adventure with an influential, progressive forward-thinking church. They will possess at least 5 years of ministry experience, preferably at an executive level, in a church of 2000 or more.

If you’re our candidate, you probably find yourself dissatisfied with just doing church. You have the vision and ability to see the potential for growth. You easily connect with 20/30 something’s due to your cultural relevance; yet mature enough to disciple believers who are even 30+ years older than you. You have a love for people, a strong desire to see people progress in their walk with Jesus, and are willing to use any means possible to make passionate and productive followers of Jesus. You know where you meet with God, and how to lead others into a deeper relationship with Christ with you.

Personal Characteristics: The ideal candidate for this position will display a high level of emotional intelligence, an intuitive nature, and an upstanding character of integrity and credibility, guided by a sound set of ethical principles. It is imperative that the candidate is a self-motivated self-starter with a healthy amount of drive, complemented with a humility and transparency that shows self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses. The prospect will also display a willingness to be invested in the culture and life of the church and community, and lead from an entrepreneurial spirit, while identifying untapped opportunities on which to capitalize for the growth of the organization. They will have a pastoral heart and an uncompromising work ethic, with a commitment to the vision and mission of Lakeside Church.

As leaders of Lakeside, we are focused on identifying the person, not just the job specifics. We will adapt the responsibilities based on your individual strengths & skill sets. We are a dynamic team blessed with serving Jesus with some of the best emerging leaders we know. Are you that energetic forward thinking leader looking to be part of our team that will help carry out the mission of Lakeside? If so, we want to hear from you. Please send resumes to hr@lakesidechurch.com


Kidsfest Children’s Ministry Protégé

As a Protégé in the area of Kidsfest Children’s Ministry, you will work closely with the Director of Kidsfest, and the Coordinators of each area divided by age group. There will be opportunities to learn from veteran leaders who have the gift of mentoring in real life ministry situations. Mentors and Proteges will work together to set goals that are in line with their gifts, passions and experience.

This is a paid part-time position which will require a minimum 20 hour/week commitment. The hands on experience will equip proteges to learn every aspect of children’s ministry. We are looking for someone who has a heart for kids, a passion for ministry and desire to gain experience in assisting and leading Lakeside’s weekend ministry. This includes a variety of age groups from Nursery to 5th grade, our Special Needs Classrooms, and help planning and leading events while learning about the behind the scenes work that makes a children ministry successful. Please send resumes to hr@lakesidechurch.com or to apply in person, pick up an application at the church office.