First Steps

Come hang out with us during our interactive weekend gatherings. Grab a free cup of coffee or visit our Barista Bar, listen to some live music, sing with us, hear a message, and be surprised. But wait, there's more. Lakeside involvement doesn't stop with the weekend. Throughout the week we have groups meeting all over town, classes on the Lakeside campus, and multiple opportunities to get involved working with regular teams and special projects. If you'd like someone to contact you to get your questions answered or get more info please fill out the online connect card. Check out the infobar in the lobby while you're at it. We want to help you feel like you're a part of Lakeside as best as we can. 


Main Auditorium 
Saturdays 5:00 & 6:30 PM
Sundays 9:00 & 10:45 PM


Have questions about who Jesus says he is? Wondering what baptism is all about? Wondering why we think church is an important part of following Jesus? Start with a BEGIN gathering - a safe place to ask any question you want about Christian spirituality without feeling dumb. Sometimes we do our Begin gatherings in pastors' backyards and call them, Backyard Begin. Other times we do a large group gathering and call it, Begin Big

Begin Students (Middle & High School)
This class is for you if you recently made a significant faith decision, have always wondered why Christians believe what they believe, or want answers to your toughest faith questions. Contact donnapepper@lakesidechurch.com for more information. 

Begin Kids (1st through 5th grade)
Children ask great questions! Questions about their faith, baptism and what happens next. Begin Kids is designed just for them. Contact lauriewilliams@lakesidechurch.com for more information.

Why do we do things the way we do them at Lakeside? Is there a job for me to do here? What are Lakeside’s plans for the future? How did this place get started? Dang, those are good questions. Take another step and bring those up again at our BELONG class.

We believe God is inviting us into something pretty special. Something vibrant. A movement. Jesus called it abundant life. We weren’t made just to exist. And, he wants us to become the best possible version of ourselves. Do you want to know more about that? Come hang out with us at the BECOME class. 

For more information email beginbelongbecome@lakesidechurch.com

Attendance to all three classes is highly recommended, but not required.  Little Steps child care available with pre-registration.


Baptisms are one of the most exciting times in the life of a Jesus follower. They're also exciting for everyone else who gets to participate in the celebration. Baptism is one of the best ways to let the world know you are a Jesus follower. We have multiple baptisms throughout the year in both our weekend gatherings and at Folsom Lake. 

Attend a BEGIN gathering (see above) to answer any questions you may have. A Begin gathering is required for all adults who want to be baptized.  Middle School and High School students need to attend Begin Students, and elementary school aged children need to attend a Begin Kids.

For more information call the church office (916) 985–3245 or email baptism@lakesidechurch.com.  


Share a meal once a week with new friends in a safe environment to investigate the answers to questions about Jesus, Christian spirituality, the church, prayer, and more. This is a perfect opportunity to invite a friend who might have an interest in exploring these topics but is not interested in coming to a weekend church gathering. Childcare (Little Steps) available with pre-registration.  For more information email alishawilson@lakesidechurch.com


Take the next step by signing up for the various classes we offer throughout the year.  Curious how your gifts and talents have shaped you to serve? Looking to get in control of your finances so you can be free of financial worry?  We have classes all year long to help you with that - and much more.  Check out our current classes HERE.