College scholarships

Local applicants must be actively involved in ministry at Lakeside Church.Undergrad applicants must plan to attend an accredited public or private college and be a full-time student (12 semester or 16 quarter units).  Graduate school applicants can be part-time but must be enrolled in at least two courses.  Applicants must be planning to pursue Christian ministry vocationally in the local church. In addition, we welcome applicants to apply who want to pursue church planting in the United States and abroad.




To provide a program that will award scholarships annually to encourage and assist students who have a history of ministry at or through Lakeside Church (e.g. missions) and who are committed to entering the Christian ministry vocationally.


  • All scholarships will be awarded from church college scholarship funds.
  • The scholarship program will be funded from donations.


  • One member at large
  • One member of the Elders Team
  • Pastor of Student Ministries
  • Business Administrator


  • Scholarships will range from $500 up to $2,000 per person per year for undergraduate students with a max of $15,000 in total scholarship awards per year. Additional funding may be available on an individual basis to be determined by the Scholarship Committee. Scholarships are given for one year, with a total of four years and $8,000 maximum, per student. Scholarship recipients may reapply for an additional scholarship the following year (must reapply each year).
  • Graduate/Seminary scholarships will range up to $2,000 per year. Additional funding may be available on an individual basis to be determined by the Scholarship Committee.


  • Should be a regular attendee at Lakeside Church, and, if selected to receive a scholarship, must be willing to attend Lakeside Belong Class.
  • If attending school out of the local area, scholarship recipients should be actively engaged in the church community where they attend college.
  • Must plan to attend an accredited public or private college.
    •      Applicants may attend an accredited junior college (two years max) followed up with public or private college.
  • Must be a full time student (12 Semester units).
  • Must be actively involved in ministry and planning to pursue ministry in or through the local church or mission as a career.


  • Completed scholarship application.
  • Official transcript (3.00 GPA Minimum).
  • Statement of Faith (testimony and what you believe) maximum of 250 words typed.
  • A 500-word typed essay that focuses on your current and past ministry efforts, and where you see yourself in terms of Christian ministry after you graduate from college; the essay should also address why this scholarship is important to your goals.
  • List of all sources and value of financial support for the coming school year (include all scholarships, grants, and private support).
  • Letters of recommendation:
    •      From a school official (principal, counselor, dean or teacher)
    •      From the Youth Pastor, Pastoral Staff or Christian adult or employer, etc. (other than a parent).

Reapplying Applicants must:

  • Fill out a new application.
  • Submit current Transcripts.
  • Write a new 500-Word essay about their year and how he/she has moved toward future goals.
  • No need for a new statement of faith (by reapplying you confirm your support of the beliefs that were sited on the original statement of faith.
  • One letter of recommendation from a principal, counselor, Dean or teacher that describes the last 12 months of your life and growth—spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etc.

Please submit completed applications to Donna Pepper at donnapepper@lakesidechurch.com.

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