Young Adults

We all need a safe place to find connection, no matter what season of life we're in - and college and young adulthood is no exception.  During a time of transition, our Young Adults ministry provides a place to belong.  Join us for our weekly group get-together, or take part in a variety of events throughout the year.  You'll find that we're an easy group to be a part of with lively discussions, a fair amount of sarcasm, and always lots and lots of food...


We gather each Monday evening for a combination of social and study.  We usually kick things off with a game or activity, and a lot of catching up over snacks.  We select a variety of topical studies throughout the year to dig into scripture and explore what the Bible tells us about navigating life and drawing closer to God.  All voices are welcome in our discussions.  If we're not ready for the evening to end, it's not unusual to find us heading out to sushi or pizza afterward to continue the conversation.

Monday Nights
6:30 - 8:00 PM


We like to get together.  If it has a Hallmark card dedicated to it, we're probably getting together to hang out.  Join us for Halloween, Friendsgiving, Christmas Parties, New Year's Eve... and if there isn't something coming up on the calendar we're likely to have a game night or head to the movies together.  Keep an eye open for upcoming events, or contact for more information.


It's a chance to get away for a weekend to relax, connect, and dig a little deeper into a specific topic.  There's time for games and adventure too!  Typically in the fall or winter.


We take the summer off from our weekly group meetings and instead plan fun adventures to get together and celebrate the summer heat.  Look for BBQ's, hikes, lake days and more.  Contact for more information.


Keep up with upcoming events and stay connected throughout the week. We post information about weekly happenings on Facebook and Instagram.