Folsom Winter Shelter


Folsom Winter Shelter



HART is partnering with local churches to host a Winter Shelter (Dec 17 – Mar 3)- offering a hot meal and a safe warm comfortable place for those in need to sleep. Local churches are hosting overnight stays, rotating each week to another host church.

Lakeside Church will be a Winter Shelter host for two weeks in February (11-24). There are many ways you can help. Please contact trudyhoekstra@lakesidechurch.com to volunteer for meals or as an overnight host at Lakeside. To volunteer with the overall shelter program for various positions and needs, please visit hartoffolsom.org and select Winter Shelter in the Services pull down menu.

HART (Homeless Assistance Resource Team) of Folsom was formed as a non-profit organization in July 2017 that is addressing the issue of homelessness in Folsom. HART is made up of volunteers from the community who decided to make a difference through meeting immediate homeless needs and working 1-on-1 with the homeless to mentor and assist them on their path to a better life—helping them achieve sustainable housing through a step by step process helping them to become self-sufficient and independent.

HART is also working closely with the City of Folsom to take advantage of some of their recent steps to address the homelessness issue. They have budgeted a full-time Navigator and a part-time Social Worker who were specifically hired to make an impact on reducing the number of individuals experiencing homelessness. The Navigator will be on the streets working with the homeless and the HART mentors to create a plan of success for the clients. The Social Worker will be working with a police officer to handle those who have special needs to help guide them to available resources and remove the barriers that have placed them into homelessness.

HART is a non-profit Organization (82-2259843) and a community-based organization that shares a vision with other HART organizations in the cities of Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights and Carmichael. Each HART organization is developed to fit their community, but the cooperative collaboration of all five groups only makes them stronger in their efforts to address homelessness.

Here are some ways you can help:


to provide dinner and evening activities for each night
to provide brown bag take away breakfasts
to stay with the guests overnight, in shifts
to monitor showers
to make coffee each morning



clean bath towels & washcloths
new plastic combs & brushes
new socks
paper plates
plastic dinnerware
brown lunch bags
trial sized shampoo, conditioner, & soap