Mid-Sized Groups




The Craft of Connection is hard to teach.  You can’t learn it in a classroom. It needs to be experienced.  We experience and sharpen connection in four different spaces in life:   

  • Public—e.g. sporting events, weekend church gatherings
  • Social—e.g. Men’s Conference, Ladies Night Out, Moms@Lakeside, Higher Power, other life-stage groups
  • Personal—e.g. mentoring, Grow Groups, 1-on-1 conversation with close friends
  • Intimate—e.g. relationships where people know all our secrets

They all count and they all meet different needs and expectations. 

In this season, Lakeside is devoting some special attention to Social Space. Over the next year we are going to be launching several mid-sized groups designed for different life-stages in order for you to experience and develop connections in a way that only mid-sized groups can.

On March 7th, we’ll be launching our Young Families Group. 

If you have children from birth to 5th grade, this group is for you!  Join us from 6-8 PM at Lakeside for a good ol’ fashioned potluck and get to know some of the other young families here at Lakeside.  Register below or for more info contact joshbollen@lakesidechurch.com


We are looking for volunteers that can help with childcare during the Young Families Potluck.  If you would like to help by serving in this way, please register below:




Keep an eye open for other mid-size groups and activities:

  • SENIORS: Second Sundays of the Month - Seniors Dinner at Lakeside
  • YOUNG FAMILIES: Launching March 7 - Potluck at Lakeside
  • EARLY EMPTY NESTERS: Coming in April
  • PARENTS OF TEENS: Coming Fall 2018