Seeds: Because I was Naked
Lakeside Church |
04/18/2011 |
Pastor Brad continues discussing Adam and Eve in the garden, and their desire to be like God. They hid because they were afraid, and they began the "blame others" process that continues with us today.
Seeds, Part 8 -- "Now the Serpent"
Lakeside Church |
04/12/2011 |
Seeds, Part 8 -- "Now the Serpent" Brad continues the teaching on Genesis 1-3 with a discussion on the introduction of sin and tempation. You'll see that the serpent has had the same premise for tempting man for thousands of years... Is he tempting you?
Seeds, Part 7: Two Trees in the Middle
Lakeside Church |
04/03/2011 |
Seeds, Part 7 -- "Two Trees in the Middle" The Tree of Life. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Why were they there, and will they come again? The answer will inspire you, and bring you hope.
Seeds Part 6
Lakeside Church |
03/27/2011 |
For this Reason
20110320-HD Sermons
Lakeside Church |
03/21/2011 |
Seeds, Part 5--"Designer Sex." Brad discusses the beauty of the creation of mankind, being made in the image of God.
20110313-HD Sermons
Lakeside Church |
03/13/2011 |
Seeds, Part 4 Brad discusses the beauty of the creation of mankind, being made in the image of God.
When I Grow Up...
Lakeside Church |
03/06/2011 |
What do you want to be like as a grown, mature Christian? What does that look like? Sean Miller will encourage and challenge you!
Counterfiet gods
Lakeside Church |
03/02/2011 |
Lakeside Church |
02/28/2011 |
SEEDS Part 3: On the Origin of the Theses
Lakeside Church |
02/24/2011 |
Pastor Brad continues his teach on Genesis 1-3. Today, he discusses the issue of Creation, and the conflicts with Evolution. Controversial? Yes! Inspiring? Even more so.
SEEDS Part 2: The Poetry of Creation
Lakeside Church |
02/13/2011 |
As we explore the book of Genesis, Brad explains how the writing is a beautiful work of poetry. Not only is He a brilliant engineer, but a tender song-writer.
SEEDS Part 1: In the Beginning GOD
Lakeside Church |
02/09/2011 |
As a seed is planted and grows according to its design, so is the beginning of the Bible. Brad begins his series in the book of Genesis by introducing the concept of Seeds.