Opportunities | February 5, 2011
Lakeside Church |
02/07/2011 |
How To Be Rich, Part 4 -- Diversify
Lakeside Church |
01/31/2011 |
Pastor Brad wraps up the How To Be Rich series by discussing looking at money through the lens of eternity.
How to Be Rich, Part 3 -- Dollar Cost Living
Lakeside Church |
01/24/2011 |
In part 3 of our series, Brad discusses the advantages of planned giving and volunteerism, over the spontaneous giving so many are accustom to. Gain freedom and peace of mind through "Dollar Cost Living"
How to Be Rich, Part 2 -- "Daddy's Money"
Lakeside Church |
01/16/2011 |
Brad shows us how to have a anxiety-free perspective on our riches. Be challenged in this teaching on wealth and a christian perspective.
How to be Rich, Pt. 1--Congratulations
Lakeside Church |
01/10/2011 |
In part one of this insightful series, Brad challenges us to accept the fact that we are Rich. Let's not be in denial about it. It isn't wrong. We are rich... now what?
The Fear of the Lord
Lakeside Church |
01/03/2011 |
Doug Roush explores with us the concept of the "Fear of the Lord". Are we do be afraid? Or is there more to the story?
Christmas 2010
Lakeside Church |
12/24/2010 |
Characters: Wanted Jesus came to redeem characters. Are you one?
If You Will Redeem It
Lakeside Church |
12/20/2010 |
The Gospel of Ruth, Pt. 3--This Kindness is Greater
Lakeside Church |
12/13/2010 |
The Gospel of Ruth, Pt. 2 -- Among the Sheaves
Lakeside Church |
12/10/2010 |
Brad continues his discussion on the book of Ruth--a picture of love and grace.
The Gospel of Ruth
Lakeside Church |
11/29/2010 |
Pastor Brad explores the story of Ruth, and shows how "whisper of faith" led her to follow the true God. He also shows how God often meets us when we are in our greatest pain.
Two Responses
Lakeside Church |
11/22/2010 |
Drawing from Matthew 7:13 &14, Pastor Brad discusses two paths; the narrow path to the small gate, leading to life in Heaven, and the broad path, leading to the wide gate, which leads to destruction. He explains how important it is for us to realize our need for grace.