The End of the World as We Know It, Part 2
Lakeside Church |
09/19/2011 |
Wise Up, Part 7
Lakeside Church |
07/17/2011 |
Wise Up, Part 7 -- "A Restless Evil" Brad continues the study of James with a look at Chapter 3. What does the Bible say about the Tongue?
Wise Up, Part 4 -- "The Practice of True Religion"
Lakeside Church |
07/06/2011 |
What did James mean when he said to care for the fatherless? I don't see any orphanages here in my town... how can I fulfill James' admonition? Brad continues the study of the book of James with this insightful look at caring for the vulnerable.
Wise Up, Part 3 -- The Wisdom of Humility
Lakeside Church |
07/03/2011 |
Seeds Part 6
Lakeside Church |
03/27/2011 |
For this Reason
20110320-HD Sermons
Lakeside Church |
03/21/2011 |
Seeds, Part 5--"Designer Sex." Brad discusses the beauty of the creation of mankind, being made in the image of God.
SEEDS Part 1: In the Beginning GOD
Lakeside Church |
02/09/2011 |
As a seed is planted and grows according to its design, so is the beginning of the Bible. Brad begins his series in the book of Genesis by introducing the concept of Seeds.
How To Be Rich, Part 4 -- Diversify
Lakeside Church |
01/31/2011 |
Pastor Brad wraps up the How To Be Rich series by discussing looking at money through the lens of eternity.
How to Be Rich, Part 2 -- "Daddy's Money"
Lakeside Church |
01/16/2011 |
Brad shows us how to have a anxiety-free perspective on our riches. Be challenged in this teaching on wealth and a christian perspective.
How to be Rich, Pt. 1--Congratulations
Lakeside Church |
01/10/2011 |
In part one of this insightful series, Brad challenges us to accept the fact that we are Rich. Let's not be in denial about it. It isn't wrong. We are rich... now what?
One-eyed, Left-Handed Sex Offenders
Lakeside Church |
06/20/2010 |
Beyond, Part 4 -- Brad discusses the challenging topic of lust and adultery, as addressed by Jesus. How can we tame our nature? Be sure to watch "One-eyed, Left-Handed Sex Offenders," and learn what Jesus has in mind for you.
40 Days of Love, Part 2
Lakeside Church |
09/20/2009 |
Today Brad continues our series with practical applications of the law of love? Are we commanded to Love? Really? Why? How? You'll be encouraged by the answer to these questions, and more with today's teachin--"Five Loves"