Reset Part 4, "Freedom"
Lakeside Church |
05/11/2009 |
"Freedom" is an insightful look on gaining financial freedom as a follower of Christ. Does the Bible speak of debt and finances? You bet! Find out more as Brad teaches "Freedom"
Reset Part 3, "Eternity"
Lakeside Church |
05/03/2009 |
Jim Price uses solid Bible stories and parables to encourage us to avoid greed and materialism. Instead, let us embrace eternity.
Reset, Pt 2 "Trust"
Lakeside Church |
04/27/2009 |
Pastor Brad asks the question "Do you trust God enough?" Through a thought provoking looks at the Isrealites, Brad challenges us to increase our faith, and to trust our God.
Step Into the Light
Lakeside Church |
04/12/2009 |
The resurrection of Jesus ushered in a new era of communication with God, and access to him. Who can come to God? If you were to go to God's house, would he let you through the door? Don't miss "Step Into the Light"
Lakeside Church |
04/04/2009 |
40 Days of Devotion, "Talking Foolishness"
Lakeside Church |
04/04/2009 |
Chris Baltzley continues the series of Devotion with an insightful and encouraging message. Christian thought is often mocked, but hear what the Bible really says. Don't miss "Talking Foolishness.
"S" Words
Lakeside Church |
04/03/2009 |
40 Days of Devotion, Pt.1 "The Exchange"
Lakeside Church |
04/02/2009 |
The early church developed a system of worship that took a journey through the bible. This journey followed seasons of importance to a christian, and was a teaching tool to the masses. 40 Days of Devotion marks the beginning of the season of Lent. Brad explains Lent, its history and meaning, and how we can make it a valuable tool to draw us closer to God. Its not about what you give up, it is about who you are becoming.