Summit Underground

This August 10-11, Lakeside Church is privileged to be able to once again host the Global Leadership Summit in our facilities at the corner of Oak Avenue Parkway and East Bidwell in Folsom. We are excited about the speakers, the content, and the potential for leadership growth on our teams. Convenient, accessible, regional satellites have been a huge win over the years for people who want the content of GLS but don’t have the means to travel to Chicago to experience the event live.

If you’ve ever traveled to a conference with your team, you know there are huge benefits that happen outside of the conference itself—the road trip, the impromptu discussions on a walk, the thing that happened at that restaurant, that person you met in the local pub, and the concert from that singer-songwriter you caught at that coffee shop.

This year Lakeside Church wants to fill those gaps in the GLS experience and create opportunities for you and your team to make lasting memories, create conversation, and build a network. We are recreating a travel experience in our own backyard.

Welcome to Summit Underground.

Summit Underground is a multi-layered experience and invitation for you and your team to take part in a variety of facilitated discussions, presentations from local business, education, and government leaders, conversational venues, Q&A sessions with local faith community and business leaders, multiple home-hosted after-parties and networking opportunities, and quality entertainment in multiple venues throughout beautiful historic Folsom.

We invite you to dig deep into this year’s GLS. We invite you to stay local and experience the beautiful nature of the city of Folsom from the walking and bike trails to the lakes and places of historical interest. Enjoy the unique and inviting local dining establishments and the myriad of locally owned pubs and wineries.

We invite you to imagine your GLS experience is a world away from home. Engage with your team in the same ways you would if you made a trip to the Midwest. Arrive early. Stay late. Create memories. Make friends. Embrace your experience in fresh ways that create conversation and have lasting value.

We will keep you informed as we get closer.