In sports, playbooks contain all the secret strategies, moves, diagrams, and tactics for a team.  Memorizing a playbook is crucial for a team's success. Our Playbook is a concise way for us to communicate the way we want to go about being Jesus' followers in the Folsom are. So, here it is. All our strategies. All our secrets. Welcome to the team.


Read about people who are living out our Playbook here.

Why do we exist?
We are on a mission to transform as many people as possible into passionate and productive followers of Jesus.

How do we live?

  • We give ourselves to others
  • We celebrate life-giving grace
  • We love meekness

What do we do?

We glorify God by. . .
  • reaching up to God in Worship.
  • reaching out to our neighbors outside the church.
  • reaching in to our neighbors within the church.

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