Lakeside is very well-rounded in her age demographic. It makes us happy that people find Lakeside a meaningful community full of activities for young and growing families and we are also proud that we have a sizable senior community teaching, serving, and leading. 

For nearly three decades, Lakeside has been investing in the Folsom community. Many who started with us as young singles and families still call Lakeside home. Still today, people are coming to Lakeside for the first time and finding the senior community is vibrant and engaged in the life of the church in multiple areas.  Lakeside certainly is a place to begin and a place to belong no matter where you start on the age continuum. We are building a legacy community. We believe in longevity and multi-generational ministry. 

For the sake of this group Senior is defined as anyone 55 and older. 

Senior Fellowship

The Senior Fellowship meets on the second Sunday of every month from 5:00- 8:00 PM in the Basement of The Block (our youth building) for a potluck dinner, hang time, singing, and a guest speaker. The group takes an occasional month off here and there so it's always good to email and make sure there's an event happening.

For more information or to RSVP, contact: