Worship Arts

We believe humans were created and designed to worship and we all end up worshipping something. At Lakeside, we believe the God of the Bible is the only true and worthy object of our worship. Art and beauty are a signpost to God and He has called us to act upon the stuff in our heads as we respond to Him and tell His story. We act by creating. Visual art and music. Poetry and film. Projects, proposals and petitions. Moments and movements. Stories and innovative teaching. We are always looking to build our community of artisans, originators, assemblers, aestheticians, and provocateurs of the arts. 

Questions? Looking for a place to plug in?


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Music is one of the primary ways Jesus followers have been responding to him and telling his story throughout history. Lakeside has many opportunities for musicians of all stylistic backgrounds to play and sing using their musical gifts in large and small gatherings designed for corporate worship. We're also convinced music is one of the best ways to engage with our city, share stories, create space for conversation, celebrate, and enjoy the life God has invited us to. Outside of the weekend gathering we play concerts in venues throughout our town- coffee shops, backyards, pubs, theaters, and parks.


Each weekend, our culinary artists support our music and production teams by providing a home-cooked meal during the Saturday evening worship gatherings. Bakers are invited to make bread for communion. Occasional artistic expressions of food are implemented in gatherings. Environments and experiences are designed implementing food.


Our aesthetics teams are responsible for creating engaging and creative environments in the lobby and auditorium. We are committed to an overall and whole-space aesthetic. 


Painters, sculptors, craftsmen, carpenters, designers, welders . . . we all count. And, there's a space for all of us here. Questions? email johnvoelz@lakesidechurch.com 


Whether your gig is lighting, sound, video, camera operation, or media we have an incredible expanding team that works together in advance of and during our weekend gatherings and other events to enhance the experience.


From enthusiasts to professionals our team of photographers supply a constant stream of visual art, screen and print resources, and collaborative design fodder. We have professional training resources available to anyone on our team who wants to expand their abilities in photography and software like Photoshop for use in the church. Email saraheverett@lakesidechurch.com


We are constantly building a network of graphic designers, illustrators, layout artists, logo designers, multimedia artists, and Photoshop artists capable of partnering and creating with us in all areas of worship arts and communication. If you are a designer, please send your portfolio to johnvoelz@lakesidechurch.com