Between the Times, Part 1
Lakeside Church |
05/15/2011 |
Between the Times, Part 1: Living with the Power between the Resurrection and the Return. Sean challenges us to live in the Power of a relationship with God, and continue growing His kingdom.
Seeds, Part 11 -- Lords of the Earth (New)
Lakeside Church |
05/14/2011 |
Seeds, Part 11 -- Lords of the Earth. Do you think God has expectations of His people when it comes to care of the Earth? What should we be doing? After all, its all going to burn anyway, right? There is more to that story... in Seeds, Part 11.
Seeds, Part 12 - By the Seventh Day
Lakeside Church |
05/09/2011 |
Pastor Brad concludes the series Seeds by explaining the signs of the Covenants, and how the Sabbath Day is a gift to us from God. We should pick a day to set aside as a day of rest, and allow ourselves to be refreshed.
Seeds Part 10 - My Redeemer Lives
Lakeside Church |
04/26/2011 |
Pastor Brad continues the series "Seeds" on Easter Sunday by Seeds of Redemption. Did you know that the Seeds of Redemption were revealed in the Garden of Eden, when God called out for Adam and Eve, to meet them where they were? God never stops calling for us.
Lakeside On Mission 2011
Lakeside Church |
04/20/2011 |
Easter Connect Team
Lakeside Church |
04/19/2011 |
Jeff Kreiser introduces the Connect Team to the Easter 2011 procedures.
Seeds: Because I was Naked
Lakeside Church |
04/18/2011 |
Pastor Brad continues discussing Adam and Eve in the garden, and their desire to be like God. They hid because they were afraid, and they began the "blame others" process that continues with us today.
Seeds, Part 8 -- "Now the Serpent"
Lakeside Church |
04/12/2011 |
Seeds, Part 8 -- "Now the Serpent" Brad continues the teaching on Genesis 1-3 with a discussion on the introduction of sin and tempation. You'll see that the serpent has had the same premise for tempting man for thousands of years... Is he tempting you?
Seeds, Part 7: Two Trees in the Middle
Lakeside Church |
04/03/2011 |
Seeds, Part 7 -- "Two Trees in the Middle" The Tree of Life. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Why were they there, and will they come again? The answer will inspire you, and bring you hope.
Seeds Part 6
Lakeside Church |
03/27/2011 |
For this Reason
20110320-HD Sermons
Lakeside Church |
03/21/2011 |
Seeds, Part 5--"Designer Sex." Brad discusses the beauty of the creation of mankind, being made in the image of God.
20110313-HD Sermons
Lakeside Church |
03/13/2011 |
Seeds, Part 4 Brad discusses the beauty of the creation of mankind, being made in the image of God.