Two Responses
Lakeside Church |
11/22/2010 |
Drawing from Matthew 7:13 &14, Pastor Brad discusses two paths; the narrow path to the small gate, leading to life in Heaven, and the broad path, leading to the wide gate, which leads to destruction. He explains how important it is for us to realize our need for grace.
Two Beliefs
Lakeside Church |
11/15/2010 |
A continuation of Brad's talk on the Sermon on the Mount, today Brad Discusses the Goodness of God. His goodness is illustrated throughout the bible, and He is searching for you to share that blessing.
Two Judgements
Lakeside Church |
11/08/2010 |
Pastor Brad discusses the topic of judging others, as Jesus taught in Matthew 7. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye when you pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
Two Days (Tomorrow or Today)
Lakeside Church |
11/02/2010 |
Pastor Brad Franklin teaches from Matthew 6:25, "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself." He explains that worrying is what the pagans do, because their gods are not all powerful. We have a mighty, all-knowing Father who we can trust.
When You're Drowning in a Desert
Lakeside Church |
10/25/2010 |
Libby Vincent discusses various reasons for the spiritually dry times in our lives, and offers hope and practical ways to get through them victoriously.
Facing the Uncertainties of Life
Lakeside Church |
10/17/2010 |
Sean Miller encourages us to face the challenges and surprises that we encounter in life.
Leave Boldly
Lakeside Church |
10/11/2010 |
Pastor Brad wraps up the "One Month to Live" series by discussing the legacy we should leave behind.
Learn Humbly
Lakeside Church |
10/04/2010 |
Pastor Jim Price walks us through various Bible psssages to help us understand different reasons for "bad things happening to good people."
One Month to Live, Part 3
Lakeside Church |
10/02/2010 |
Love Completely
One Month to Live, Part 1
Lakeside Church |
09/13/2010 |
We begin the series "One Month to Live" with a moving message entitled "Live the Dash."
Why I Support LOM
Lakeside Church |
09/01/2010 |
Lakesiders share their thoughts on why they either go on Mission, or support it.
Pastor Brad's Mission Challenge
Lakeside Church |
09/01/2010 |
Brad encourages us to continue with work of Jesus in real, tangible ways. Be ready to be challenged when you view this one.