Blitz 2010 Training
Lakeside Church |
05/20/2010 |
A delightful, informative and entertaining training session with everyone's favorite Cowpoke, Sheriff Lynette.
They Call Her Blessed
Lakeside Church |
05/10/2010 |
Team teaching by Brad and Donna Franklin on Mother's Day.
Mother's Day at Lakeside
Lakeside Church |
05/10/2010 |
Lakeside Church members express thoughts of love and gratitude toward mom on Mother's Day.
Abandon, Part 5
Lakeside Church |
05/05/2010 |
Part 5 of the Abandon series, "What a Party"
LakesideWorship and Dance
Lakeside Church |
05/04/2010 |
iPhone capture of Lakeside Church dancing during a worship song.
Lakeside Baptisms, Beautiful Things
Lakeside Church |
04/28/2010 |
A montage of the Baptisms at Lakeside Church.
Abandon Part 4
Lakeside Church |
04/26/2010 |
Part 4 of the Abandon series, titled "What a Gift"
Abandon, Pt. 2
Lakeside Church |
04/23/2010 |
Abandon, Pt. 2 -- "What a Waste" Do you want to make a difference in you life? How about making a difference for God? Brad will challenge you from the Bible with making a choice in your life, to pour it our for Christ.
Abandon, Pt.3
Lakeside Church |
04/19/2010 |
Abandon, Pt. 3 -- What a Risk. Today Brad challenges us with the story of the Good Samaritan. It isn't what you think.
Upside-Down Blessings, Part 8
Lakeside Church |
04/16/2010 |
Part 8 in the "Upside-Down Blessings" series, Brad teaches us what it means to have peace, to make peace, and to keep peace in our relationships. You be encourage with today's teaching, "Peace Brother"
Abandon, Pt. 1
Lakeside Church |
04/10/2010 |
Part 1 of the Abandon series, Brad delivers the Easter message of hope. How would you feel if Jesus knows your name?
Upside-Down Blessings, Part 9
Lakeside Church |
04/08/2010 |
Jime Price teach from the Sermon on the Mount, a lesson titled "Persacutable Offenses."