Abandon, Pt. 1
Lakeside Church |
04/10/2010 |
Part 1 of the Abandon series, Brad delivers the Easter message of hope. How would you feel if Jesus knows your name?
Upside-Down Blessings, Part 9
Lakeside Church |
04/08/2010 |
Jime Price teach from the Sermon on the Mount, a lesson titled "Persacutable Offenses."
Upside-Down Blessings, Part 6
Lakeside Church |
03/07/2010 |
Part 6 of the series, Titled "Mercy Me"
Upside-Down Blessings, Part 4
Lakeside Church |
02/24/2010 |
Upside-Down Blessings, Part 3
Lakeside Church |
02/22/2010 |
Happy are the Sad
Upside-Down Blessings, Pt. 2
Lakeside Church |
02/07/2010 |
"Rich are the Poor" Brad discusses a challenging concept present in Jesus' only recorded sermon. What at first appears to not make any sense, is in fact a profound principle that we must grasp in our walk with God.
Upside-Down Blessings, Part 1
Lakeside Church |
02/01/2010 |
Upside-Down Blessings is an inspiring series that looks at the Beattitudes, and makes them applicable to everyday life. There is only one sermon recorded the Bible that was delivered by Jesus. Today, Brad Franklin deliveres that same message in a moving recitation--The Sermon on the Mount
Pathway of a Disciple, Part 3
Lakeside Church |
01/24/2010 |
Pathway of a Disciple, Part 3 is the final installment of this series of Christian growth. Today, Brad recap the growth process, and encourages us to continue down the Godly path. Finally, Brad unveils the Lakeside Website called Pathway of a Disciple
Pathway of a Disciple, Pt. 2 -- The Way of Jesus
Lakeside Church |
01/17/2010 |
Brad clearly lays out the christian path, and shows how we all can stay on the path, or return to it if we wander.
iWant, Part 3 God Closer to Me
Lakeside Church |
01/16/2010 |
As Lakesides Christmas message, Brad discusses the full story of the birth of Jesus, and the impact on our lives.
Pathway of a Disciple, Part 1
Lakeside Church |
01/11/2010 |
"The Priciple of the Path." Brad begins his discipleship series with a thourough looks a what a "path" is in reference to a christian's walk. With illustrations and examples from the Bible, Brad challenges us to examine ourselves, and our path.
A New Year Life
Lakeside Church |
01/04/2010 |
Jeff Kreiser shares with us strategies to begin a new year with a new life in Christ.