20110807-HD Sermons
Lakeside Church |
08/08/2011 |
Wise Up!, Part 10 -- "Practical Eschatology" Brad continues discussing the book of James with a look at Jesus' second coming. James reminds us that it is soon. But what does that mean to you and me?
Wise Up - "The Great Plans of the Rich"
Lakeside Church |
08/01/2011 |
Pastor Brad continues his walk through the book of James, by exploring James 4:13-5:6. We learn that we should be "generous with detours and interrupters," and "Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone." This is Part 9 in the Wise Up series.
Wise Up - Part 8 "The Path to Peace"
Lakeside Church |
07/25/2011 |
Continuing through the book of James, Libby Vincent discusses James 4:1-12, with emphasis on James 4:7 -"Submit yourselves, then, to God."
Wise Up, Part 7
Lakeside Church |
07/17/2011 |
Wise Up, Part 7 -- "A Restless Evil" Brad continues the study of James with a look at Chapter 3. What does the Bible say about the Tongue?
Wise Up, Part 6 -- "Is There a Formula for Salvation?"
Lakeside Church |
07/16/2011 |
Wise Up, Part 6 -- "Is there a formula for Salvation?" Brad continues the discussion of James and asks, "how do we know we have faith?" Be challenged to do works--not to earn salvation, but to express your faith.
Wise Up, Part 4 -- "The Practice of True Religion"
Lakeside Church |
07/06/2011 |
What did James mean when he said to care for the fatherless? I don't see any orphanages here in my town... how can I fulfill James' admonition? Brad continues the study of the book of James with this insightful look at caring for the vulnerable.
Wise Up, Part 3 -- The Wisdom of Humility
Lakeside Church |
07/03/2011 |
Wise Up, Part 5 -- Playing Favorites
Lakeside Church |
07/03/2011 |
"Wise Up," Part 5 -- Playing Favorites. From Middle School on, we seem to all play favorites, and judge others. Carl shows us what the book of James says about that habit.
Wise Up, Part 2
Lakeside Church |
06/13/2011 |
Continueing the discussion in the Book of James, Brad shares the wisdom in dealing with Temptation
Wise Up, Part 1
Lakeside Church |
06/06/2011 |
Wise Up, Part 1 -- "Pure Joy?"
Between the Times, Part 3
Lakeside Church |
05/30/2011 |
Between the Times, Part 2
Lakeside Church |
05/23/2011 |