20120930-HD Sermons
Lakeside Church |
10/05/2012 |
Five Questions, Part 5 -- "What's in Your Hand?"
20120916-HD Sermons
Lakeside Church |
09/17/2012 |
Five Questions, Part 3 -- "Where's Your Faith?"
Five Questions, Part 2 --"Who's Your Wingman?"
Lakeside Church |
09/09/2012 |
Lakeside Church |
09/02/2012 |
Five Questions, Part 1 --" What's Your Story?"
The Best Life Ever, Part 15
Lakeside Church |
03/25/2012 |
The Best Life Ever, Part 11
Lakeside Church |
02/26/2012 |
"The Least, The Last and the Sabbath" Brad continues our discussion in the book of Luke, and shows us Jesus' priorities in our lives.
The Best Life Ever, Part 7
Lakeside Church |
01/29/2012 |
"Every Miracle Forms an Opinion"
The Best Life Ever, Part 4
Lakeside Church |
01/08/2012 |
The Best Life Ever, Part 4--"Leadership: Disciples and Detractors" Jesus lived the best life ever, in order for us to have the Best Life Ever. How does that relate to us? You will be surprised what that life will look like.
The Next Day, Part 5 -- The Best Day
Lakeside Church |
12/05/2011 |
The Next Day, Part 5 -- "The Best Day" Brad addresses a scripture passage that is sometimes difficult to understand -- "it is more blessed to give than to receive." Really? Don't we all like receiving? You'll be surprised is what Brad has to say in this weeks teaching.
The Next Day, Part 2 — The Mission
Lakeside Church |
11/13/2011 |
The Next Day, Part 2 — The Mission Brad shares with us the secret to finding joy in life. It brought the disciples joy. It brought Jesus joy. You can have joy, too.
The Next Day, Part 1
Lakeside Church |
11/07/2011 |
"The Next Day, Part 1 -- The Day Before" Brad takes a look back at the history of the journey of Lakeside Church. He then invites you to share in the building of the future of Lakeside.
The Heart of All Things
Lakeside Church |
10/31/2011 |
Sean Miller shares an inspiring and motivating message, with a delightful illustration from the Tinman in the "Wizard of Oz"