One Month to Live, Part 3
Lakeside Church |
10/02/2010 |
Love Completely
One Month to Live, Part 1
Lakeside Church |
09/13/2010 |
We begin the series "One Month to Live" with a moving message entitled "Live the Dash."
Pastor Brad's Mission Challenge
Lakeside Church |
09/01/2010 |
Brad encourages us to continue with work of Jesus in real, tangible ways. Be ready to be challenged when you view this one.
Our King Is Coming
Lakeside Church |
08/30/2010 |
Maribeth shares the joy and passion she has for serving as a missionary in Malawi, Africa. She will challenge you to get involved in the work of Jesus, whether at home, across the country or around the world. Her story will tug at your heart, and her enthusiasm will stir you to action. Be sure to watch this Christ-centered message.
The Gospel of the Kingdom
Lakeside Church |
08/23/2010 |
Jeff Kreiser expounds on one verse, Matthew 24:14. What is God's Kingdom, and why is that important to me today? A powerful message on the purpose of your life.
Beyond, Part 12 -- Be Happy, Fast
Lakeside Church |
08/15/2010 |
Part 12 of the Sermon on the Mount Series called "Beyond". Brad explains Jesus' teaching on fasting, and what it means for us today.
Our Father, How Will Ed See My Fame?
Lakeside Church |
08/09/2010 |
Part 11 of our Beyond series, Brad discusses the "Lord's Prayer"
Beyond Part 10
Lakeside Church |
08/01/2010 |
Prayers That Count Don't Count
Quiet Generosity
Lakeside Church |
07/29/2010 |
Pastor Sean invites us to embrace the unconditional love of God, and how quiet generosity should be a natural response.
Beyond Part 9, Quiet Generosity
Lakeside Church |
07/26/2010 |
Beyond, Part 7
Lakeside Church |
07/11/2010 |
Beyond, Part 7--The Miracle Mile . Brad continues his discussion on the Sermon on the Mount, and explores a topic we should all be aware of -- bitterness and anger.
Cross My Heart...Really
Lakeside Church |
07/04/2010 |
Part 6 of our Beyond series -- "Cross My Heart...Really" Brad explains Jesus' statements about honesty, and how our culture enables us to be less than honest. Jesus has a higher standard for us... "Cross My Heart..."