Blitz 2010
Lakeside Church |
07/01/2010 |
YeeHaw! Great time exploring at Lakeside Church. Saddle up and take a ride.
Beyond, Part 5
Lakeside Church |
06/27/2010 |
"As Long As We Both Shall Love." From the teachings of Jesus, Brad discussed the topic of divorce. A continuation of the Sermon of the Mount series--"Beyond"
One-eyed, Left-Handed Sex Offenders
Lakeside Church |
06/20/2010 |
Beyond, Part 4 -- Brad discusses the challenging topic of lust and adultery, as addressed by Jesus. How can we tame our nature? Be sure to watch "One-eyed, Left-Handed Sex Offenders," and learn what Jesus has in mind for you.
Beyond, Part 3
Lakeside Church |
06/14/2010 |
Beyond Part 3, "Anger is Murder on Your Soul" The 10 Commandments says do not murder. But is it enough to just not murder. Is there another issue of the heart for us to consider? A message you don't want to miss, "Anger is Murder on Your Soul"
Beyond the Jot and Tittle
Lakeside Church |
06/07/2010 |
Brad Franklin explains the holiness and perfection of God and our need for redemption through Jesus Christ, who fulfilled the law.
Live It Up, Light It Up
Lakeside Church |
06/01/2010 |
Beyond, Part 1 Jeff Kreiser challenges us to put our faith in action by doing something positive for Jesus.
Harvey Carey
Lakeside Church |
05/23/2010 |
Be inspired and challenged by Harvey Carey, to get out of your seat and get into your city doing the work God intends you to do. Training time is over. Now,break out of the huddle.
Lakeside Church |
05/23/2010 |
Our Father is searching for you. Are you hiding?
They Call Her Blessed
Lakeside Church |
05/10/2010 |
Team teaching by Brad and Donna Franklin on Mother's Day.
Mother's Day at Lakeside
Lakeside Church |
05/10/2010 |
Lakeside Church members express thoughts of love and gratitude toward mom on Mother's Day.
Abandon, Part 5
Lakeside Church |
05/05/2010 |
Part 5 of the Abandon series, "What a Party"
Lakeside Baptisms, Beautiful Things
Lakeside Church |
04/28/2010 |
A montage of the Baptisms at Lakeside Church.