Pathway of a Disciple, Pt. 2 -- The Way of Jesus
Lakeside Church |
01/17/2010 |
Brad clearly lays out the christian path, and shows how we all can stay on the path, or return to it if we wander.
iWant, Part 3 God Closer to Me
Lakeside Church |
01/16/2010 |
As Lakesides Christmas message, Brad discusses the full story of the birth of Jesus, and the impact on our lives.
Pathway of a Disciple, Part 1
Lakeside Church |
01/11/2010 |
"The Priciple of the Path." Brad begins his discipleship series with a thourough looks a what a "path" is in reference to a christian's walk. With illustrations and examples from the Bible, Brad challenges us to examine ourselves, and our path.
A New Year Life
Lakeside Church |
01/04/2010 |
Jeff Kreiser shares with us strategies to begin a new year with a new life in Christ.
iWant... God Closer to Me
Lakeside Church |
12/21/2009 |
iWant... to Believe in Something Bigger than Me
Lakeside Church |
12/15/2009 |
iWant Something Bigger Than Me. Part 1 of the iWant Series. Brad uses the story of the birth of Jesus to illustrate how our world view has an impact on our life. The Magi had a BIG world view, and that opened them up to infinite possibilities. What is your world view?
Lakeside Circus, Part 3--Marketplace Circus
Lakeside Church |
12/07/2009 |
Lakeside's third and final installment of the "Lakeside Circus" series. Brad discusses how followers of Christ can interact with others in a manner that will show them Godly love and concern.
Lakeside Circus, Part 2--Family Circus
Lakeside Church |
11/29/2009 |
Jeff Kreiser asks how we as Christians intersect with fellow followers of Christ. With a look at Acts 2:42-47, he illustrates 5 simple ways to build our lives around Jesus, and find strength with our fellow believers.
Lakeside Circus, Part 1"Heaven Came Down"
Lakeside Church |
11/22/2009 |
In England a traffic intersection can be called a Circus--a place where lives cross and encounters can happen between people. That is what transpires every week at Lakeside Church. Today Brad asks, "How do intersect with God?" An important question, with amazing answers!
Imprint, Part 3--Hand Them Over
Lakeside Church |
11/16/2009 |
Brad discussed the challenge of raising our children while embracing the idea that we must let them go. A very moving and pertinent discussion of us all.
Lakeside Circus
Lakeside Church |
11/14/2009 |
Where do you intersect?
Imprint Pt. 2, Let Them See It
Lakeside Church |
11/08/2009 |
Parenting our children is a divine responsibility, and God gives us some insight on how to make a spiritual impact on our children. Today, Brad looks at Psalm 127, and gives us practical ways to influence our children.