Imprint, Part 1--Impressive Parenting
Lakeside Church |
11/02/2009 |
With a look at Deuteronomy 6, Brad discusses some basic, yet insightful biblical principles in parenting. If you are a parent, plan to be a parent, have been a parent, or have parents... You won't want to miss part one of the IMPRINT series, Impressive Parenting,
Clearing the Mud
Lakeside Church |
10/25/2009 |
Clearing the Mud. The understanding of God has been muddied by many teachings. Today, Brad clears the mud for us, as we look as Job and his struggles. Don't miss Clearing the Mud.
Lakeside Church |
10/23/2009 |
An exciting series dealing with making a Godly imprint on our Children.
40 Days of Love, Part 5--Love Is
Lakeside Church |
10/11/2009 |
40 Days of Love, Part 5 -- Love Is It is commonly known that God is Love. But what does that mean? What does "Love" look like for you and me? Brad shows us from the Love chapter in the Bible, and the fruits of the Spirit what love is to us. Brad gives up 2 practical steps to grow in love. Don't miss it!
Love Lets Go
Lakeside Church |
10/05/2009 |
40 Days of Love, Part 4-- Love Lets Go. Sean Miller delivers a strong message on the power of forgiveness. It is an insightful look at God's grace, and our heart.
Magic Words
Lakeside Church |
09/28/2009 |
40 Days of Love, Part 3-- Magic Words. Today, Chris explains from the Bible how we can show love with the words we use. A practical and encouraging talk, with a sense of humor only Chris can bring us.
40 Days of Love, Part 2
Lakeside Church |
09/20/2009 |
Today Brad continues our series with practical applications of the law of love? Are we commanded to Love? Really? Why? How? You'll be encouraged by the answer to these questions, and more with today's teachin--"Five Loves"
Begging God
Lakeside Church |
09/07/2009 |
If you could beg God for something, what would it be? Does God respond to begging? You might be surprised! Don't miss Brad's teaching... "Begging God"
Lakeside On Mission, Love Apps -- Roger Huang
Lakeside Church |
08/30/2009 |
Ephesians 5:19-20 tells us that we are God's Ambassadors. As such, what is our assignment? What do we do? Join Roger as he shares his journey in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco.
Want More? Pt. 7 -- What Does It Take to Win?
Lakeside Church |
08/24/2009 |
In Part 7 of the "Want More?" series, Jeff talks about spiritual warfare, and how we can overcome the enemy that wants to destroy us. "What Does It Take to Win?" will challenge you. Don't miss it.
Want More?, Part 6 "What Do You Have?"
Lakeside Church |
08/19/2009 |
Do you know what you want in life? How about just for today? Is it God's will that you are after? How can you know? Brad talks about that and more as he shares from Ephesians 5, "Want More?, Pt 6--What Do You Have?"
Want More, Part 5 "What Can I Do For You?"
Lakeside Church |
08/10/2009 |
Libby Vincent gives the fifth talk in our series in Ephesians.